“OBAMA” TRIED TO KILL HILLARY CLINTON just before TV sets of human cattle disconnected for GOOD

Crown Jewel of very last soap opera before TV sets of human cattle are disconnected
MAKE NO MISTAKE: “OBAMA” TRIED TO KILL HILLARY CLINTON TO STOP HER FROM TESTIFYING in Benghazigate” (1) is the crime that crowns O’s endless array of crimes in the very last soap opera before TV sets of human cattle are disconnected for good.

Media reductionism during each genocide setting a milestone:
– during the genocide of christian Armenians by muslim Turks, one of the milestones that marks the begin of End Times, there was yet no radio. Yet there were still reports about it in printed media.
One of the reasons that it is a milestone for the begin of end times is one of the ultimate signs of end times.
Each even greater genocide afterwards would be TOTALLY censored, although printed media would be extended with radio, TV, satellite TV ((milestone and trademark: CNN) and finally the global internet:
– during the jewish holocaust, 1937-1945, there was yet no TV, but illuminati radio, starting with BBC broadcasts to Germany, totally censored it (2);
– the ongoing genocide of undesirable at hospitals and homes for elderly in this millenium alone accounts for more than 35 million.
It became the largest genocide ever in 2007 (3), in the age of not only satellite TV but also of global internet (4).

As we are just weeks away from the begin of the “genocide to put an end to all genocides” (5), a reminder: during the final genocide in Illuminatziland media coverage will be a non-question.
Because there will be no media at all.

(1) This is as usual announced by the CIA Web of Disinfo first as a question.

In fact it is the craziest ever staged footage, to be released within days, as revealed by Last Prophet.
Obama hits Hillary Clinton, Hillary Clinton backfires:

(2) To get how the illuminati censored the Truth as it took place, start by how they do it NOW.
To what lengths illuminati go to censor TRUTH about Auschwitz and Holocaust
To what lengths US / EU governments go to censor TRUTH about Auschwitz and Holocaust

(3) 2007 or “coincidentally” at the same time of systemic collapse.
You will find systemic collapse near genocide of elderly explained in the script for the final genocide:
Disarm citizens: ULTIMATE script ILLUSTRATING importance of TRAITORS for illuminati – Christian Forums
Disarm citizens: ULTIMATE script ILLUSTRATING importance of TRAITORS for illuminati
2006, March: Last Prophet’s words in a CIA forum adding 1 + 1 to return the data on the largest genocide ever, survived in webarchive.org:

(4) TOTALLY censored in the age of global satellite TV (trademark CNN) and internet translates to End Times Information Process.
Talk of CNN: angelic Google returns the truth and almost NOTHING but the TRUTH, once you add 1+1, or more precisely you add it to what this article is about:
Information Highway Parallel Lanes – Traffic Jam in the Lane to Hell…: CNN 9/11 by Google – the BIG PICTURE of Global Coverage, from Vietnam to Serbia and Iraq

(5) One of the reasons that Global Slavery is the ultimate goal of the Illuminati religion is that it means fulfillment of “order out of chaos”.
Global Slavery alias New World Order means no more wars, no more genocides.
2012, November: China Illuminati puppets masscre dozens of slaves owned by Apple / Foxconn – Differences to Bangladesh slaves owned by Walmart and US slaves before citizens disarmed:
“Communist” China Illuminati puppets masscre dozens of slaves owned by Apple Foxconn


ILLUMINATI, like any other members of a sect, are NOT corruptible
A major misconception about illuminati members is that they are corruptible (1).

To understand an illuminati member, all you have is to understand Sgarbi, the swiss gigolo.
Sgarbi extorted millions from some of the richest women in the world after blackmailing them with hidden video cameras.
Yet he only kept for himself a very small fraction of that money, more precisely the fraction that the guru of his sect awarded him.(2)

Extreme examples: “Governments” of PIGS, greatest ever blackmailers
That is exactly what happens with the illuminati members currently extorting by far the largest sums: “governments” of “countries” that first reached the ultimate stage of being robbed: PIGS, particularly Portugal, at this point followed by Greece and Spain (3).

Every day these illuminati members transfer dozens of millions of euros to the central illuminati accounts, as the human cattle swallows every new “austerity” measure.
The brainwashed human cattle accepted to give up their own currency and have it printed by the illuminati central bank in Brussels.
Now the extortion is as simple as this: blackmail the human cattle with “otherwise there will be no money to pay wages in n months”.

Yet these traitors are not corruptible. Again, they only keep for themselves what their illuminati guru awards them.
Portugal’s “prime-minister” Passos Coelho illustrates this: to market this actor as credible as possible in the role of “ruler” of a “poor nation”, his make-up includes living not in a majestic oceanfront villa but in a “middle class” Lisbon apartment (4).
Ironically the very same actor who publicly assumes the responsability for the criminal transfer of dozens of millions of euros from Portugal to the central illuminati accounts each day …
… plays the same “real life” role of the actors playing the role of jackpot “winners” of illuminati lotteries (5).

Talk of austerity, from robbery of PIGS to lifestyle of illuminati actors in the role of the greatest ever blackmailers or the greatest ever jackpot winners: the role of some illuminati members is to play real poverty: they dress almost like beggars.
Leaders of the “Occupy” movement illustrate this (6).

Ultimate example: ongoing detonation of fake suicide bomber “Hussein Obama II”
“Obama” is the ultimate example to what lengths an illuminati member will go, as he is ordered to play a role (7).
No wonder that as the moment when he must FULLY self-detonate nears, he also becomes one of the first illuminati members who can no longer control the tears (8).

(1) On a side note, more misconceptions about the illuminati secret society:

(2) 2009: swiss gigolo Sgarbi v the members of the Big Sect:

(3) PIGS how illuminati call Portugal, Italy, Greece, Spain: why “far left” repeats the “Renegotiate Debt” broken record daily on TV:

(4) Passos Coelho, like the rest of the illuminati members assuming responsability for stripping human cattle during illuminati overtime, no longer dares to show in public.
This leads to the grotesque scene of having a few bodyguards around him each time he passes the door to the scripted “modest apartment” where he lives.

(5) ALL EUROMILLIONS and MEGAMILLIONS “jackpot winners” who are given a public face, from 2 to 190 million euro or dollars, get the same pay for playing the winner role: $200,000.
That is why almost all tell the same story: they love their neighborhood and job and they do not want to change lifestyle.

(6) Reminder: Occupy movement is designed for mass detentions now feeding the extermination camps:

(7) MAKE NO MISTAKE: video released within days, part of the fake detonation of the ultimate suicide O’bomber: Obama hits Hillary Clinton, Hillary Clinton backfires.
Start here and make sure you click ALL links each time.
Note: check for yourself that all information revealed by Last Prophet BEFORE the release of the two craziest REALITY videos ever is 100% TRUE.

(8) For the latest tears Google “Obama tears are not about the “murdered” Connecticut children but about what is coming”.
The first time that “Obama” could no longer control himself, hours after the script was once again changed:

Lance Armstrong, Usain Bolt,”Hussein Obama II” accused and stripped: first of 6 acts June 29 2012, next 5 to follow in 2012
published June 29, 2012
Lance Armstrong. Usain Bolt, “Hussein Obama II” accused and stripped – first of six acts June 29 2012

Last Prophet predicted 2004 that the greatest cycling champion ever, Lance Armstrong, would be executed the same way as Marion Jones:
first: falsely accused of doping, as many others before, part of the agenda behind the illuminati doping conspiracy; (1)
second: all major TITLES erased from the official medals table, which is also part of the “Rewrite History” agenda pushed to the utter limits.

In 2007 Last Prophet explained that Usain Bolt would be executed the same way as Lance Armstrong.
In 2008 after Usain Bolt set his world records at the Beijing Olympics, Last Prophet explained that Usain Bolt became the fastest man ever AND FOREVER.

Last Prophet explained immediately after the illuminati were forced to use plan B for the 2008 “election” and have “Obama” play counterfeit president and have him detonate as fake suicide bomber
(like Nixon) later, that illuminati actor “Obama” would be executed the same way (2) as the two greatest sports champions ever, Armstrong and Bolt:
– accused of all sort of crimes (forging birth certificate; murdering “granny”, etc);
– stripped of his title, with Hillary Clinton declared 44th president and successor of GW Bush.

All this part also of the supervised ethnic civil war script, to be launched together with the collapse of banks and anihilation of savings and pension funds of the human cattle.

The first of these six acts (accusation, titles stripping of Armstrong, Bolt and “Obama”) timely took place (3) on June 29, 2012, hours before the start of the Tour de
The next five acts won’t take as long as the first did. Actually they are all scheduled for 2012.

(1) http://doping-conspiracy.blogspot.com/2009/04/lance-armstrong-not-usain-bolt-will-be.html
(2) http://rewrite-history.blogspot.com/2009/05/suicide-obomber-and-miss-california-v.html
(3) Lance Armstrong to face charges from U.S. Anti-Doping Agency
June 29, 2012

October 22 2012: the second act, with Lance stripped of all titles.
October 24 2012: Donald Trump, as explained by Last Prophet May 2009, is the actor preparing the next act, actor “Obama” accused.