Lance Armstrong, Usain Bolt,”Hussein Obama II” accused and stripped: first of 6 acts June 29 2012, next 5 to follow in 2012
published June 29, 2012
Lance Armstrong. Usain Bolt, “Hussein Obama II” accused and stripped – first of six acts June 29 2012

Last Prophet predicted 2004 that the greatest cycling champion ever, Lance Armstrong, would be executed the same way as Marion Jones:
first: falsely accused of doping, as many others before, part of the agenda behind the illuminati doping conspiracy; (1)
second: all major TITLES erased from the official medals table, which is also part of the “Rewrite History” agenda pushed to the utter limits.

In 2007 Last Prophet explained that Usain Bolt would be executed the same way as Lance Armstrong.
In 2008 after Usain Bolt set his world records at the Beijing Olympics, Last Prophet explained that Usain Bolt became the fastest man ever AND FOREVER.

Last Prophet explained immediately after the illuminati were forced to use plan B for the 2008 “election” and have “Obama” play counterfeit president and have him detonate as fake suicide bomber
(like Nixon) later, that illuminati actor “Obama” would be executed the same way (2) as the two greatest sports champions ever, Armstrong and Bolt:
– accused of all sort of crimes (forging birth certificate; murdering “granny”, etc);
– stripped of his title, with Hillary Clinton declared 44th president and successor of GW Bush.

All this part also of the supervised ethnic civil war script, to be launched together with the collapse of banks and anihilation of savings and pension funds of the human cattle.

The first of these six acts (accusation, titles stripping of Armstrong, Bolt and “Obama”) timely took place (3) on June 29, 2012, hours before the start of the Tour de
The next five acts won’t take as long as the first did. Actually they are all scheduled for 2012.

(3) Lance Armstrong to face charges from U.S. Anti-Doping Agency
June 29, 2012

October 22 2012: the second act, with Lance stripped of all titles.
October 24 2012: Donald Trump, as explained by Last Prophet May 2009, is the actor preparing the next act, actor “Obama” accused.